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Proper Dinners
Prepared by London's top chefs
Delivered daily from 6pm
Matt Cardle

"As a busy musician, OneFineMeal is perfect. It’s quick, delicious and I can order in minutes. It’s 5* food delivered to you in minutes. It’s what I and London have needed for a long time!"

Hilary Aylesworth
Director, TeachFirst

"Wow! OneFineMeal is exactly what my partner and I were looking for. After a hard day of work we just want to relax. Sometimes we don’t find time to prepare a proper dinner and we’re stuck with grabbing a quick ready meal or ordering bad takeaway… but now we have a proper dinner delivery service we can rely on!"

Alex Dashwood Baker
Chef, Former Scott’s of Mayfair

"Although a chef at one of London’s most famous restaurants, I thought I would give OneFineMeal a try. I had the pork chop, with petit pois al a Francais and apple compote. It was delicious! The pork was cooked perfectly and everything was very fresh. I’ll definitely have to try a few more dishes."

Heat, Eat, Love, Repeat

Balancing work, a social life and children can make it difficult to put a proper dinner on the table every day. Takeaways, ready and frozen meals aren't healthy options and dining out can get costly. With OneFineMeal you can finally serve a guilt and hassle-free dinner in just a few minutes!

Personal Chefs

A personal chef for every taste.

Enjoy dinner prepared by London’s top up-and-coming chefs.

Our meals are prepared fresh and immediately chilled for delivery. Simply heat your meal for a few minutes in the oven or microwave.

100% Transparency

Our meals are personal. We believe you should know who prepares your food and what’s in it.

We take care to list every ingredient we use and only work with passionate chefs who put their heart and soul in every meal.

Locally sourced produce

We source our produce daily from local British farms within 100 miles of London.

We strive for local, organic and ethically grown ingredients as much as possible. We never use preservatives, additives or flavour enhancers.

This way we can maintain our quality and our values.

Sustainable in every way

Our packaging is made from 100% natural and renewable sugarcane fibres. This is the only packaging on the market that is biodegradable, compostable as well as microwave & oven safe.

With the help of the World Food Programme every dinner you buy, OneFineMeal funds to buy a dinner for those in need.